Yawa!!Florence(Italy):- Migrants not to use transport buses in a specific time of the day

Pelago (Florence) – A message written on a sign intended for migrants has gone viral. We are in Pelago, in the province of Florence, where a cooperative has posted a sheet in a reception center: this is why guests of the center are asked not to use public transport at peak times, in the morning, at lunch and in the late afternoon, because already intended for commuters.

The cartel seemed discriminatory to the representatives of Power to the People, who on the matter have produced a statement with accusations to the mayor of Pelago, Renzo Zucchini. According to the party it would be a “racial segregation done with courtesy”, the sense of the words of a post on Facebook by the Pap group of Florence. “What’s more, during the day, it became known that the mayor himself – writes Power to the People – would have asked the transport company that runs the lines between Pontassieve and Vallombrosa, (RATTP group), to create a special race for migrants, to avoid the times most frequented by Italians “.

“I am sincerely stunned by the offensive statements and not responding to the truth of Pap – Zucchini replies – I never asked the cooperative to affix signs in which the guests of the structures were invited not to use public transport, nor did I ask to create ‘a race specifically for the migrants. “Instead,” what we have done every year – explains Zucchini – is simply to monitor transport needs for possible doubling of races “. The sign indicates the times most crowded by commuters: 7.30-8.30, 13-14, 17-18.

But, explains Massimo Cappelli, “our intention was to advise our guests that, if they wanted to use the buses on the Paterno-Pontassieve line, for the reopening of the schools perhaps they would have incurred much more crowded. We advised them to choose other time slots than the busiest ones, without placing any limitation, as also said to the same guests by one of our operators ». Cappelli adds that “the sheet, hung by one of our operators without waiting for authorization from the cooperative and without any request from the municipality, has led to erroneous interpretations distant light years from the philosophy and the works of this Cooperative. We apologize for the inconvenience, we have removed the sheet and we will replace it ».


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