TRAGEDY ITALY:- A 5-year-old Ghanaian girl hit by a car & dies in the presence of the parents

Hit and killed by a car -a five year girl a few meters away from the shed where the Ghanaian evangelical community meets.A few minutes after the end of the religious ceremony, So she died in Modena around 13 Rebecca Amadou, a child born in Italy from Ghanaian parents. The family lives in Camposanto. A tragic dynamic for a traffic accident that has upset the many people present.

Shocked, th 46-year-old at the  Fiat wheel, who had an illness as soon as she realized what had just happened. The state police intervened, also to quell the troubled spirits of those who witnessed the tragedy. There are still ongoing investigations to understand exactly what happened, in via Bembo, which is not certain of the busiest in the city of Emilia; rather, it is a street where you usually go to park or at the limit to make a maneuver. A secondary artery, in short.

According to what the municipal policemen could have speculated, Rebecca would have escaped the grip of her mother, her father and two brothers who were also present, perhaps to reach another relative, or simply because she was attracted by something that took her away from the entrance church-shed, where a large number of people were gathered at that time. Just at that moment, a Fiat Multipla driven by a 46-year-old resident at Nonantola, a town near the Emilian city, set off, accelerating just enough to overwhelm the minor. The girl, facing the eyes of everyone present, immediately appeared in desperate conditions.

An image that has sparked panic among those present. Immediately called 118 and the medical staff charged the child on an ambulance. The conditions of the girl are definitely precipitated during hospital transport: Rebecca, in fact, died while the 118 was still on the road.


Source – Gazzetta di modena

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