Album Launching by “La Relève” :-

Music as we say carries power. Everything around our world is about Music. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said and I quote “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Music heals the weak, music can change a lifestyle,
Where words fail, music speaks.

Gone are the days in Ghana when our traditional songs/ Hi-lifes/ Raps dominated in the musical Industry but recently, Choral music has risen to the top thanks to some gurus in Ghana who are working hard to put choral music on the map of Ghana..

La ReLèVe, (a Ghanaian Family Choral Group, passionate to Uplift Souls through Music) are one of Best Choral Group JABCREW can boast of.
La ReLèVe are inviting you to their Maiden Album titled “woye Nyame“. The date is Sunday 2nd June 2019 at Newbold College 2pm. More details can be found on the flyer below

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Lets get to know a bit of the group

The name La Relève is a French word which means “ The Continuation”.
La Relève is a family Chorale Group and it was generated through the influence of their fathers who in their younger ages had a quartet. This group is the continuation of what their fathers did which was to preach the gospel through music.

The Album “Woye Nyame” was chosen to acknowledge the Power and the Greatness of the most high God.
All songs are dedicated to God for his protections, goodness and mercies.

Also, dedicating the album to all listeners and praying that the words of these songs will give us a restful heart and prepare us for his soon coming.

All Composed by Malcom Antwi Acheampong

Save the date. Its 2nd June 2019 at Newbold College Uk

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